Integrated Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Convenient and affordable way to live your life!


Integrated Medical Sensors (IMS) Inc. aims to provide a simple and effective solution for accurate and painless glucose monitoring for diabetes management.

A Patient-Centered System

Wireless Operation

No wires, no hassle design!

Convenient Use

No skin patches, you have the freedom and control without irritations!

Economical Solution

The system is lowest cost owing to innovative semiconductor technology, meaning you can afford it and spend your resources on things that matter more - family, friends and happy life!

  • Long term use

    A sensor works for months, so you can focus on important things in your life!

  • Discreet Design

    There are no bulky skin patches, the sleek wearable device can be worn under your clothing or as a standard smart watch and provides discreet results on your smartphone!

  • Simple Interface

    Our smart app is designed to provide important information on one screen, so you can spend less time on it and more time on your life!


  • Team

    IMS has gathered a multidisciplinary team, consisting of Caltech graduates with domain expertise in microelectronics, nanotechnology and electrochemical sensors, industry leader in implantable glucose sensor technology, leading endocrinologists, serial entrepreneur business leader with experience in multinational corporations, and industry experts in embedded systems and mechanical design.

    System Components

    IMS has developed world’s first fully-integrated, extremely miniature (less than half of a sesame seed) wireless electrochemical glucose sensor with 10x longer projected lifetime at 10x lower projected cost compared to the available solutions.
    The revolutionary IMS sensor is implanted few millimeter under the skin to measure glucose from the interstitial fluid using an integrated electrochemical sensor and relays the real-time data wirelessly to the patient and a secure database (accessible by caregivers, doctors) via a wearable wireless transmitter and a smart reader.

    Portfolio Item

    Project Status: Preparing for Human Testing

    Our team is working hard to get this system in your hands. We have developed and tested the system components successfully. We are working towards human testing so that we can get regulatory approvals before we can provide it to the end users.

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